Tattoo Aftercare

Str8line Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Str8line Tat2 & Body Piercing carries Hustle Butter .25oz packets as well as 1oz tubs for all your tattoo aftercare needs.

*Hustle Butter uses mango oils. Please do not use if you are allergic to mangoes.*

  • - Str8line recommends that you leave your tattoo exposed to air for the healing process, unless you work in an environment that it would be better to have it covered. Discuss this with your tattoo artist.
  • - We recommend that you wash your tattoo with unscented soap and water 3-5 times a day, allowing for drying time.
  • - After cleaning your tattoo, you should apply a SMALL amount of the lotion or ointment you are using to heal your tattoo. Str8line recommends a product made for tattoos, such as Hustle Butter or Lubriderm Tattoo Daily Care. If your tattoo looks wet or shiny after about 5 minutes, blot your tattoo with a paper towel. This helps to not suffocate your tattoo.
  • - We recommend that you continue this for at least 2 weeks, but as with all tattoos, daily care and maintenance will keep your tattoos looking great for years to come.
  • - Avoid prolonged sun exposure; pools, baths, beaches, and standing water; touching your tattoo with dirty hands.
  • - Showering is cool. DON'T use a cloth or loofa, use your fingers gently.